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    Spice Up Your Life If You Want To Live Longer

    chili peppersChili Peppers May Be The Key To A Longer Life People of the world, spice up your life! Turns out, if you want to live a longer life you better start eating more chili peppers. More...

    Healthy Mason - Jar Meals!

    mason jar salad

    Healthy Mason-Jar Meals Make It Oh So Easy To Resist Ordering Out! Meals in mason jars are quick and easy to prepare, and they look beautiful. Try these healthy, tasty meals in mason jars for whatever meal you need quickly. Read More...

    Which Diet Should You Try?

    The 5:2 diet allows eating whatever you want for five days a week and fasting for the other twoWhich diet should YOU try? Read this: Top nutritionist puts 7 eating plans to the test to see which ranks best and which falls flat

    Nutritionist Shereen Lehman looked at seven popular American diets

    The Mediterranean diet was named best for an emphasis on fresh foods

    The Blood Type diet ranked last for its lack of scientific backing


    Quick and Easy - Winged Liner

    Quick and Easy - Winged Liner. Here you will learn a few steps and tricks that you can apply that will help you achieve this simple, but gorgeous classic look. Enjoy! 

    The 5 Most Popular Perfumes Of All Time

    With several classic scents ranging from floral to Oriental notes, a woman can define her personality by the perfume she wears. A fragrance can evoke femininity, sensuality, exoticism – or all of the above. Haute couture has long established certain fragrances’ appeal in the hearts and minds of women worldwide. Read more...


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